Cow’s milk
Cow’s milk

Cow’s milk

We supply the largest grocers in France and abroad with UHT milk.

Grassland milk

We supply the largest grocers in France and abroad with UHT milk.

Mountain milk

We are the leading producer of mountain milk in Auvergne and responsible for 25% of the French production. What is mountain milk?
Our mountain milk scrupulously complies with French legislation, from production to processing.
Mountain milk production areas are defined by French law. Farms and milk processing plants must be located in villages at more than 700 meters above sea level and with an average grade of more than 20%.
At high altitudes, our cows mainly feed on Achillea Millefolium. This hardy plant is rich in terpene, which offers many health benefits. It prevents cardiovascular disease, improves the immune system, and protects vision. These qualities make our mountain milk a healthy, natural, and authentic product.



Our churned butter is an extra fine butter. That means that the entire process to make it has to be completed within 72 hours of collecting the milk. Once the process begins, the butter is churned within 48 hours. This strict production process makes the butter a perfect ingredient for all your recipes, from breakfast to dinner.
Our butters are only made with pasteurized cream and lactic ferments – no additives or preservatives!
Our butter has at least 82% fat content.
Available in 250 g sticks and 250 g rolls.


Fresh Cream

Since 1942, we have perfected the delicate and smooth taste of our fresh cream.
It is made from pasteurized cream and lactic ferments. Our fresh cream (30% fat) is ideal for cooking and will enhance all of your recipes.
100% natural – no additives or preservatives.
Available in 33 cl and 1 kg tubs and 5 kg buckets.

Our fresh cream (35% fat) is ideal for whipped cream and gourmet desserts. It whips in less than 2 minutes into an airy, light, and smooth whipped cream. The world’s greatest chefs use it! Olivier Bajard – recognized as one of France’s best pastry chefs and World Dessert Champion – recommends it.
Our fresh cream is made with a single ingredient: pasteurized cream. 100% natural – no additives or preservatives.
Available in 33 cl tubs, 1.5 L pouches, and 5 L buckets.

Soft white cheese

Our soft white cheese is renowned for its unique taste and its smooth and creamy texture. It can be used in sweet or savory dishes, and is ideal for breakfast – on its own or with jams, cereal, or honey. It is ideal for savory cakes, cheesecakes, or fresh fruit pies.
Our soft white cheese contains only pasteurized milk, pasteurized cream, and lactic ferments. 100% natural – no additives or preservatives.
It is available with two different fat contents: 3.2% and 7.9%.
Available in 150 g snack containers with a spoon, 750 g tubs, 1.5 kg and 2.5 kg pouches, and 5 kg buckets.

Cream cheese

Our cream cheese is made from handle-ladled whole cow’s milk. Just like our cottage cheese, the raw materials are carefully handled throughout the entire process. Each step is done by hand, which gives the cream cheese its hardy and authentic taste. The cheese is unsalted and unsweetened and can be used for all your recipes. You can serve it as an aperitif with spices, herbs, salt, and pepper. It can also be used as a base for your cheesecakes or savory pies.
Available in 180 g and 400 g containers.